Makes you handsfree

Communicate easy and comfortably without cables, headphones or bluetooth. A brand new and unique product makes it possible to keep your phone in place with micro suction technology. The only thing you have to do is turn on your smartphone's loudspeaker.

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Moobitalk’s micro-suction technology keeps your smartphone securely connected.

Instant set-up

Clip it to your seatbelt and adjust Moobitalk to shoulder position by sliding it along the seat belt. This allows for best possible audio clarity . No need for that headset now. Perfect!

Fast & easy

Moobitalk is compatible with all smartphones. Put your loud speaker on and firmly press the phone screen-down to attach. Now you can drive and talk hands-free. Genius!

Simply elegant

Take a closer look at Moobitalk’s elegant design. Constructed from contemporary plastics to be lightweight and unnoticable against your body whilst driving. Choose your favourite colour.
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No headset needed No charging needed No bluetooth needed

No headset needed Simply put your loud speaker on and firmly press the phone screen-down to attach.
The breast position of moobtalk already allows for best possible audio clarity, so no need for that headset now.

No charging needed Moobitalk does not need to be charged and will not drain energy from your smartphone.
You can make calls and instantly connect straight from the box without needless charging.

No bluetooth needed Don’t worry about having to configure or sync your smartphone with the device everytime you want to use it.
Moobitalk’s micro-suction technology is all that is needed to connect your device quickly and easily.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is making the phone stick to the Moobitalk?

    The Moobitalk rubber is made of advanced micro suction technology which
    will keep your phone in place.

  • Where shall I place the Moobitalk for the best sound?

    You should place it high up on the seatbelt near your shoulder.

  • My Moobitalk is loosing its suction power and my phone loosens from the Moobitalk?

    This is natural after a while. Just take your Moobitalk pouch and wipe the rubber clean. This will renew the suction power.
    If  this have not helped enough, then clean it with the included  cleaning sticker. The suction power of your Moobitalk will be  back to as when it was new.  If you run out of the original cleaning stickers just use gently a standard household tejp. Even now your Moobitalk will be like new.

  • Can I clean my Moobitalk with water?

    Yes you can, but the suction power of the Moobitalk will be limited until it fully dries.  Due to micro suction cups this might take even couple of hours.  Therefore, we recomend you to use a wet tissue only  on the plastic partsand the rubber clean with the included cleaning stickers or ordinery office tejp.

  • Why should I hide the Moobitalk from sunlight?

    The Moobitalk is best stored in the pouch and hidden from sunlight.
    If it´s exposed to sunlight the rubber could loose its bonding power but will regain it after its allowed to cool down.

  • Are there any warranties?

    The suction ability of the Moobitalk is guaranteed. If you still have any problems with your Moobitalk, please contact us and we will try to solve it for you.

Download the Moobitalk manual in PDF

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